Faster Localization 

Why Does Localization Take So Long?

Part 1 in a Series: Optimizing the Localization Process

1. Why Does Localization Take So Long?

2. Why Is Localization So Expensive?

3. Can’t Linda in Accounting Translate It?

4. I Just Need “Hey, Baby” in Twelve Languages. What’s the Holdup?


Localization has the potential for delays, it’s true, but actually, for a process so important and complex, it’s amazingly fast. But you can make it even faster for your company. Imagine this scenario. It’s about software…

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Good energy at Plan B 

Two gigs today. First was solo at the Shenandoah Uncorked festival at Shenandoah Caverns in the Yellow Barn. That's the loudest I've ever cranked up my P.A. That barn was packed with wine tasters!

Second was with Tide Spring at Plan B in Broadway. We tried the single-microphone set up and really enjoyed it. We definitely played off each other's energy more. We'll need to get better at it--staying out of each other's way and not straying from the mic, but I think it'll be fun trying. Michael did a great…

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What I Really Want to Say 

I don't think I can keep a blog. What if you find out what I'm really like? Oh, well, gotta risk it.

Here's a recap of the weekend, which centered around yardwork and music. First time in a while the weekend hasn't centered around kids' activities.


  • Finished tilling the upper garden, and deeper than ever. I bought a good rear-tine tiller that works the soil slowly. I tend to regret most everything I ever buy, but so far so good on the tiller.
  • Still cleaning up limbs from the October snow. Piles…
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