From the recording Cradle of Light

At the end of a tiresome workday I got up from my gray cubicle to head home. In the office there's a wide window at the top of the staircase, and the view taunted me. The last coals of the sunset glowed orange behind the front range of the Alleghenies, shaming me for pushing pixels instead of hiking trails and paddling rivers. But when I went outside, a wisp of moon offered encouragement, so I hired it for some life coaching.


(c) 2015 Dave Nealon
Look out the window at the mountain silhouetted
By the afterglow of another day I missed
Personal filmfest playing moments I’ve regretted
Always stalking me with memories and what-ifs

Crescent moon won't you rock me in the cradle of your light?
I’m consumed by restless worry in the watches of the night
I got promises to keep and the road ahead won’t let me sleep
Won’t you rock me in the cradle of your light?

Nothing’s in focus; I can’t think or keep from thinking
Of the friends that I allowed to slip away
Chances I squandered are just rusted chains no longer linking
And I didn’t accomplish anything today

Lunar tranquility, a little less gravity
Gives us a lift to assist our climb
Pale luminosity just out in front of me
A giant leap for all mankind