1. Keep Moving

From the recording Cradle of Light

I recently saw Pierce Pettis at Plan B in Broadway, Va. Beth and I had a front-row table, and I noticed Pierce using C-tuning in ways I hadn't thought of. I went home and started experimenting. I didn't sound like Pierce, but I found some sounds I liked.
Then I got a call from a local business startup. Could I compose, record, and produce sixteen instrumentals for background in marketing videos? In the next ten days? For free?
Well, I decided to donate one piece, and I got it done in just under eight hours.
I wasn't quite finished composing when I went to record, and I broke a string on my first take. Too lazy to replace the string, I grabbed my 12-string and tried to find what it had to offer to the tune. I think it stepped up pretty well.
Maybe I'll put words to it, but for now, it's just a little jag.