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If I Were Blind

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Guitar fun with three slides in harmony over augmented and diminished chords. Was a good challenge. And the words are glib commentaries rooted in ancient stories. What could go wrong?


If I were blind, that'd be alright
Ah, but I'm so sure I see
Oldest of crimes: judging bad from sublime
Go enjoy all the other trees

Try imagining the end full of hope as you begin
Practicing losing, waiting to win

Contemplate this: Was Judas' kiss
More like contempt or temptation?
Here's what it is: Curse the religious
Yes, and bless every unholy nation

All the way until the end Full of hope as we begin
Practicing losing, training to win
And you'll learn to love the mess; it's the shape that God can bless
Yes, that's the way it is, finding your bliss

Is this what it takes?
Is this what it takes to be here?
No need to wonder wander
Just do your best more or less
And trust someone else for the rest

See that we’re blind; it’s alright
Till we find another way to perceive
Ransom the time; restore the peace
Love every good thing you see

We’ve learned to love the mess; every shape that God has blessed
Yes, that's the way it is; finding our bliss
On a road that never ends; full of hope as we begin
Practicing losing; waiting to win
Training to win
Waiting to win
Everyone wins
Everyone wins
Everyone wins

(c) Dave Nealon March 24, 2021