From the recording Something You Already Know

Mark lives in Winston-Salem, within sight of the real Mt. Pilot--that's Pilot Mountain, NC--and has been a fan of The Andy Griffith Show as long as he can remember. This song was written for a Mayberry Days gig we did some years ago. If you know the show, you'll recognize all the characters and situations here.


Copyright 1998 Mark Rallings

Walking down the road with a fishing pole
Opie throws a rock in the fishing hole
Get a big grin all over your face
Going back to another time and place

Welcome to Mayberry
Come on in Floyd's Barber Shop
Walk to Wally's for a bottle of pop
Hey to Gomer, Gomer says hey
What's your hurry, anyway
At Aunt Bea's table you can try
Her famous white beans or sweet tater pie
She sure can cook, but her touch is fickle
Love the chicken but I'd pass on the pickles
Kerosene cucumbers

Oh, Mayberry's the friendly town
Got the friendliest folks around
No place like it can be found
Makes you want to settle down
In everyone's hometown

He's known as Tiger Fife or Barney the Brave
City folks think he's just plain "naive"
But a crook in Mayberry's name is Mudd
When Barney nips it in the bud
Nip it!

With his Subconscious Prober Primer
Barney's bound to catch moonshiners
Them Morrison sisters act like queens
But he'll bust their still to smithereens
Pow! Pow! Pow!
She's the cat's-, that Thelma Lou
She loves Mayberry's Adolphe Menjou
Every Tuesday night over cashew fudge
His hair gets mussed and her lipstick smudged
Cousin Goober takes off on Cary Grant (Judy, Judy, Judy)
Gomer tries, but he just can't
Well, you might say Goober's just a ham
But doggone how he does that
Watch out for old Ernest T.
You have your choice to fight or flee
Better keep your doors and windows shut
He's just plain ornery
He's a nut!
Oh, the Darlings ain't got much to say
But if there's time to breathe they got time to play
Their songs'll make you cry and moan
But just jump in and hang on