From the recording On the Shores of a Dream

A parody of Bo Carter's "Policy Man." In the original, the singer is waiting for the numbers runner--the guy who comes around to take your money for the local informal lottery. This parody is dedicated to all those whose livelihood depends on writing proposal after tedious proposal for more formal lotteries--of sorts.


Hey, where is that grant administrator gone to now?
I done spent all my money; got to find some new funding somehow

I spent all last week writing a response to that RFP.
If you just send us some money, it will save this agency

I bid every federal grant—state, local, foundations, too.
Just give us the funding and see what this organization can do

Now the copier is jammed, and the computer done froze up.
It’s 5:00 on Friday, looks like I’ll be chasing the FedEx truck

Out on highway 64, I had to drive it Richmond myself.
We can be the best agency. All we need is a little help