From the recording Cleaning Up My Act

I don't always do what I wish I would.


How can I feel so empty
When I stuffed myself so full?
How could I drift so far
And not even feel the tide's pull?

I change my heart, I change my mind
Can I change my hands and feet?
Make a vow, reform my life
Till I forget it next week

Like a panther in its paces
You roam and patrol
Or a leopard's leap of bloodlust
Out to devour my soul

But you can't have me
I'm no-one's victim anymore
I was a man of peace
Until you declared war

I don't want it
I don't need it
I'd feel so much better if I didn't feel so good

You measure the merits of everything you do
I'm sure the irony is not lost on you
I waste my time when I have time to do as I please
Or I'm too casual to be at ease

Like a brick through my window
That's your voice in my ear
You invade my every situation
How'd you even get in here?

You overindulge my desires
Take the place of my plans
A breadcrumb trail of might-have-beens
Falls from my hands