From the recording Sister of My Soul

This is a case of a song trying to teach me something that I should have already known!


- I’ve been looking all my life for one I thought I’d know, Guess what I was looking for didn’t really show, There’s lots of women in this world but most just left me cold, Till I found the one who was the sister of my soul. She’s not the keeper of my heart, no she cannot make me whole, She’s not the mother of all other loves, she can’t play every role, She’s not the daughter of my dreams, no, she’s not my pot of gold, She is simply what I need, the sister of my soul. It took so long for me to see just who she could become, I had some foolish notions that kept me on the run, But when my eyes were finally opened I could see I’d reached my goal, The one that I was seeking was the sister of my soul.