1. Reckless Man

From the recording Reckless Man

I just wanted to pick a little something. The tune seemed appropriate for a new perspective on John Hardy.
Couldn't help but tag on a rough version of Tampa Red's Boogie Woogie Dance at the end. Hope you don't mind.


Reckless Man Copyright Dave Nealon, January 29, 2006
John Hardy was a reckless man Colt pistol in every handCards and dice and vice and crime Till he crossed the West Virginia line Cross the West Virginia line Poor boy hiding in the pines Local sheriff track you down Here on your hanging ground
Rocks and gravel build a roadWon't satisfy your soul Shovel in a load of coal Look out the window, watch the drivers roll Drivers roll on down the track One last look, you won't be back Long steel rail, short cross ties Roll to the end of the line
Last words John Hardy say Shoulda seen me get away Down the river get baptized Then what happens when I die? Then what happens when I die Empty pistol by my side Deck of cards in every hand Wild and reckless man