From the recording Desolate Heaven

On the ocean, wondering if it's for you or against


Pitched upon this ocean in the stinging spray of squalls
Polished smooth like seaglass with no air at all
Rudder like a knife edge slices razor thin
All hope of your commanding either rain or wind
Whipped up in the whitecaps, swamped beneath the swells
Or drifting in the doldrums, a sailor's slow farewell
Praying to the westwind to blow the skittish breeze
Capsized in confusion, churned in violent seas
Red sky this morning gave you fair warning
What were you afraid of? Splintered on the shoals?
Or the quiet desperation you navigate alone?
Hike the humpback highway, the lonely lamprey lane
Shuffle down the shark path pelted by the rain
(c) Dave Nealon 2017