1. From the Snow

From the recording Desolate Heaven

How to balance courage with caution, comfort with exhilaration?


Frozen on a February day
A kid knows when it's time to make proverbial hay
Another storm like this one might not come till who knows when
But my icy, aching fingers drove me in
It's alright if you come in from the snow
It's enough just to watch it falling through your window
Warm yourself till the fire turns down low
It's alright; let it go
Autumn afternoon as warm as June
I couldn't hope of seeing you again so soon
But there's your family's sail already halfway across the bay
I could probably never catch you, so I rode my bike away
Neighbor couple fighting in the night
Shouting out their pain beneath the pale porch light
If I could just imagine any words to offer help
Then I wouldn't have to hide inside besieged by guilt
I leaned in close to give you our first kiss
You pulled back and told me you weren't ready for this
The one time in my life I'd thrown discretion to the wind
Yet we've grown strong as lovers and as friends