From the recording Desolate Heaven

Remembering some recent desert trips


Out in the barrens, eastern NevadaOne lonely crow carried her lunch pailOver the canyon, the sagebrush and yuccaOld sandstone and granite subduction
Hematite highlights lit by the sunsetFlaming the spire on the edge of my canvasFormerly ocean, the seabed was limestoneDesert agave and blossoming jimson
Burrowing tortoise, bobcat, coyoteIron concretions, arroyos, tinajasBighorn and mule deer, blue moqui marblesDinosaur footprints and scorpion fossils
Your navigation has got you reroutedEight mile backup on route 67Old trail is narrow, climbs up a mountainOh, but you find it's a desolate heaven
Never a wrong time to do right thingThis is the moment; restorative justiceChildren beloved by a spirit creatorWorking together and making us stronger
Kangaroo rat in the narrow-leaf paintbrushWestern fence lizard and blacktail jackrabbitMojave aster and pincushion cactusWe gave you more than you ever had asked us
(c) Dave Nealon 2018