Domestic Life

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Dave Nealon


I was thinking about trouble in families and wondered how long it had been going on. A while, I reckon.


“Madam,” muttered Adam, “you got something up your sleeve?”

“I’m famishing for knowledge,” answered innocently Eve

“I’m starting to despair of finding spouses for our sons

And if ever we have daughters, they’ll grow up to be nuns”


Domestic life’s been contentious since the garden

Your best hope lies in petition for a pardon

Leaving a long legacy of kindred and affines

God draws straight with crooked lines


Two parents sitting nervous with the teacher at the table

“Academically he’s strong,” she said; “it’s not that he’s not able

I’m just concerned that he won’t learn to be a keeper of his brothers

Sacrifice is nice, but Cain don’t play well with the others”


Abraham the businessman didn’t let no pharaoh scare him

He called his wife his sister and had her join in the king’s harem

But cautioned in a dream that Abram’s scheme was just baloney

King gave her back with grace and tact—restored their matrimony


Joseph dreamed a bit too much of leadership and bravery

His brothers threw him in a ditch and sold him into slavery

But later he forwent revenge because he understood

What kin intend for evil ends, God can turn to good

© 2015 Dave Nealon