Comfort in Me

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Dave Nealon


We ran into an old friend from when I was even less tolerable than now. She took genuine interest in us, seeming to forgive the past, and she pronounced this blessing: Sounds like you've made a happy life. We were dumbfounded. That thought had never occurred to us. I guess we would have described our trajectory as recurring cycles of failure, futility, and insignificance. It's amazing how a casual comment can change your perspective and give you a little courage.


Just before the morning you stepped into my dream

With welcome like it was your place all along

As if I’d just arrived there and you were biding time

All I know is you made me feel at home


I’m just a lovesick spaniel fetching frisbee in the park

It’s the only way you’ll get some space to breathe

You’re wondering how to train me and multitrack my thoughts

I’m living in your laugh I hide beneath


Then I woke and found that you had tunneled through the years

And left for me a message under glass

Swam across the currents; crowned the tadpole with your kiss

Graced us like a dewdrop glazing grass


Well, I had a chance to take you to the concert on the lawn

Oh, but I was stuck up in my head

Would have been my honor if I knew what honor was

It’s a concept that I’ve still not mastered yet


You forgave me

Mercy saved me

I ride the waves from those early days

with the breakers towering high above my size


Told us that it sounded like we’d made a happy life

Kicked the door to insight from the jamb

Your catalytic comments shocked the failure from our frame

I never said I’m sorry but I am


Decades in the distance tracing parallel paths ahead

Moldering like the basement of my mind

Unexpected warmth and debts forgiven unconfessed

Your vindicating voice came through so kind


I don’t think I mentioned—strange thing about this dream

Something you did caught me off my guard

The way that you disarmed me—laid your head against my neck

You drew comfort where there’s self-inflicted scars


You saw something in me that I could never see

Left to me an honor I can’t earn

I had nothing left to give, no advice on how to live

Taught me what I’d long refused to learn


You forgave me

Mercy saved me

I ride the waves from those early days

with the breakers towering high above my size