Strangest Dream

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Dave Nealon
Copyright 2005 Dave Nealon


A daydream I had some years back while watching the news. I somehow felt a connection with someone who couldn't communicate. We were fellow souls.


Strangest Dream Copyright March, 2005 Dave Nealon Lacey Spring, VA

I wish I could say all that’s on my mind
You’ve been with me every day I need you by my side
How can I repay everything you do?
Wish that I could tell you just how much I care for you
Oh don’t you worry about me; I will be just fine
When hunger surges here’s how I can spend my time:
I dream

Whoever thought that I’d be headline news?
I spend every day just doing what I know to do
With curtains drawn imprisoned here inside
Need an act of Congress just to help me stay alive
And I’ve seen judges sit more vegetatively
And senators much less responsive than me
I dream

I’m here to hold you safely tonight
I’m here to dry your eyes if you cry
Until the time you stand upright and step into the light

Last night I had the strangest dream
Ambassadors from all the world were circled around me

United Nations standing arm in arm Promised to protect me from all who’d do me harm

They sang me love songs and they wept and then they prayed And when the tanks rolled chanted, “We are not afraid!”
I dream