Not to Love

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Dave Nealon
Copyright 2010 Dave Nealon


A pretty quick write, and I really don't remember how it got started. But I remember who inspired it. Beth's been my best friend for a long time, and I admire her.

I summoned my courage to perform it before a few hundred people before I'd ever actually sung it through even once. I just thought it would fit the moment on Valentine's Eve.


Not to Love

Dave Nealon

Copyright February 10, 2010


Watch her climb a ragged mountain in the night

Every time the coy moon sheds its silver light

Her chestnut eyes reflect the glow to us below

What's not to love?


I heard her sing like the branches of the pines

Whispering in the high church of the forest

Offering to the goshawk winged above

What's not to love?


Not to love such a soul is like telling God he's lying

Not to love such a spirit's like a falcon never flying

Like telling Liz and Zacharias life don't ever have surprises

Those old guys weren't so unwise as not to love


Three things give my heart rest

Love of family and neighbors you can trust

And the rose clutched in the glove among the rubble and the scrub

Don't hold a grudge, it's from above—What's not to love?


Her garden dirt grows the crispest salad greens

Her denim shirt stained with blood and sweat and beans

It almost hurts—the memory of the mourning dove

What's not to love?