Manassas--The Red Haired Boy--The Flowers of Red Hill

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Dave and Beth Nealon


I just like these tunes, and they happened to fall together under my fingers one night. Each has some inside meaning for me, too.

Manassas is a Civil-War era tune connected to the first big battle of the war. My great-grandfather Thomas Nealon fought in 5th US Cavalry in that battle. He must have enjoyed it; after the war he bought a farm right on the battlefield.

The Red-Haired Boy was one of the first traditional tunes I ever learned--back when I was a red-haired boy.

And the Bothy Band's live recording of the Flowers of Red Hill from the 1970s still stirs my soul. (I've got it on vinyl if you want to borrow it.) And I used to live in Red Hill, south of Charlottesville.

That's Beth Nealon's percussive footwork, by the way. She's still got it.


Every word of these tunes is true.