Case Studies' First Album Released!

Mark and I have finally laid down a few tracks on a CD. Our first album is called "Something You Already Know." The title is a quotation from Mark's "A Song." I'm really pleased with this set of songs. There's a great variety of sounds and textures, and there's a wide range of moods. Buy it on the Buy page of this site. Here's an annotated list of songs. 1. A Song (guitar, mandolin, harmonica; Mark's musical musings on the Muse) 2. Sister of My Soul (guitars; she is simply what I need.) 3. Out In the Cold (guitar, banjo, harmonica; sometimes it's the place to be.) 4. Jesus Online (guitar, slide guitar, harmonicas; a technologically savvy update.) 5. Everyone's Hometown (guitar and banjo; come on in Floyd's Barber Shop.) 6. A Mighty Rocky Road (voices; Jon Nichols used to sing this hard-knock spiritual.) 7. Manger Scene (guitar, slide guitar, bass, harmonica; Mark's search for the real nativity.) 8. Shadow of Doubt (guitar, slide guitar; for those days when you're paved over with pain.) 9. Wherever It Will (guitars; a meteorological mystery of cosmological proportions.) 10. Seeds (guitars; for the back-to-the-land farmer in all of us.) 11. Falling Freely ( guitar, mandolin, harmonica; I have such a fond memory of playing this in the kitchen as the heavy snow poured down--"covering and spreading round a blanket on this frozen ground.") Get it on the Buy page of this site!