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Dave Nealon
Copyright 2000 Dave Nealon


This is inspired by Beth. She showed me wintergreen and red efts, and sassafras. She played hammered dulcimer and had such a natural aspect in her flatfooting. It was in hiking trails and paddling rivers that we reckoned we'd like to climb life's mountain together.


Woodswoman Dave Nealon 5/14/00 Lacey Spring, Virginia It was her grace that charmed me She walks with the rhythm of the southern storm Like she belongs in the woods, knows every thorn Touch me not for nettle sting Buck and wing dances, hammers on strings Kick in the creek and drink from the fountain Singing her songs like High on the Mountain She woke up this morning with that same long yearning How do I get there from here? Realization comes like the sun’s slow dawning This is it; this is my life Say it easy; say it nice Like the river down the center and the bank on each side It’s not the destination; it’s enjoying the ride Ref: Do the kids know what she’s like inside? Can they hear the music in her mind? Do they feel her delight in the evening sky? Do they realize the patience behind her sigh? Middle: She’s added a layer or two Character forms like dribbling sand Drop to the bottom Season on season Trickle by little Sedimentary rock We don’t set our foundation till the end of our span And there are years to come yet, waters still upstream What kind of trouble will they wash down to flood our dreams? I’ll shoot the rapids with you, friend Paddle through the funnel, take it where we can This kayak carries us and if we spill We’ll thrill to the chill of the river still