The Revolution's Over

Dave Nealon
Copyright 2007 Dave Nealon


Heard the Rolling Stones on TV. Thought, "Yeah, stick it to the man!" But it was a credit card commercial. Then heard "The Times They Are A-Changing.' Right on! But it was an insurance commerical. Then I saw Dylan in the lingerie commerical. That did it.


The Revolution’s Over Copyright March 8, 2007 Dave Nealon Lacey Spring, VA

The revolution’s over now; Lay down my old guitar
The Rolling Stones couldn’t get no satisfaction
So now they’re hawking credit cards, cards They’re hawking credit cards

The revolution’s over now but we’re still 8 miles high
Imagine more possessions now
It’s easy if you buy, buy, It’s easy if you buy

Oh deep in my heart I do believe
Down by the riverside
You say you want a revolution In your heart this time, time In your heart this time

The revolution's over now, no more hawks and doves.
And nothing to get hung about
Because all you need is Luvs, Luvs, all you need is Luvs.

The revolution’s over now; can’t you read the signs?
The generation lost in space
Kinda wasted my precious time, time Kinda wasted my precious time

The revolution’s over now; almost cut my hair
The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind
But Dylan’s selling underwear, wear Dylan’s selling underwear.