I'm Leaving Me

Dave Nealon
Copyright 2003 Dave Nealon


Speaks for itself.


I’m Leaving Me Dave Nealon July 25, 2003 Topsail Beach, NC I’m in my midlife crisis scratching a seven-year itch Got my butt stuck in a rut but I’m crawling out of the ditch I can’t stay on hold till I’m too old to finally see the light It’s been all wrong; I’ve stayed too long This is our last night I’m leaving me; I let me down I cheated me; I fooled around I can’t stay in this relationship; I’m setting myself free First thing tomorrow morning I’m leaving me I’m holding me back; I’m keeping me down I talked behind my back and now it’s all over town I hurt me so that I gotta go and leave it all behind Leave the face in the mirror of the bathroom here that stares back at mine Don’t take it so hard! I saw it coming too. I’ve grown apart. There’s nothing left to do. Conversation’s strained trying halfway to care When I talk to myself it’s like nobody’s there So little in common and nothing to say I’m heading my separate ways