How Am I Supposed to Know?

Dave Nealon
Copyright 2005


Don't worry. This is about me, not you. Wrote it in 2005. Played it the other night in a restaurant, and friend Steve asked me to record it. So here it is.


How Am I Supposed to Know? You tell me that you love me but how am I supposed to know? You spend every waking hour anywhere you want to go You listen so politely and you talk so kind And it looks to me like you might change your mind And I’m not gonna tell you One more time You don’t finish what you started so you’re never satisfied Hang down your head and tremble cuz poor boy you’re bound to die Come join the revolution that explodes inside your chest Then work until the day I give you rest Work beside us till the day Day of rest Chorus Now you listen here. It’s much worse than it appears But it’s better than it seems They say a true friend is faithful to the bitter end Now we’ll find out what that means Your lazy lack of action thunders louder than your words If you’d just take a risk with a tenth of what you heard You’d accomplish more in one week than you have in seven years As the day draws near Let the one who has ears—let him hear Bridge There’s no place for either hope or fear On the battlefield of war Just keep riding out in loyalty To the sacred oath you swore You don’t deliver on your promises so what do you expect? Don’t waste your time enthralled by what the mirror’s face reflects You know what’s required. Why should I have to poke and prod? Do justice, love mercy, walk with God Do justice, love mercy Walk with God