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Dave Nealon
Copyright 2005 Dave Nealon


Your life's story in three short verses. I was thinking about my teenage daughter. I wanted to write a song that would explain life to her and soothe her in her teen angst, but she grew up before I could finish it. Oh well, maybe she can soothe me in my old-timer angst.


Early Dave Nealon 5/28/05 Lacey Spring, VA Early one morning you wake up to find A restless wind blowing the light through the blinds Is calling from the edge of the dawn As the morning moves on you know you got to obey The nervous excitement will drag you away It’s drawing; drawing you on Didn’t you know; hadn’t you heard or felt that pinch on your heart? Ages ago—remember my word—I told you right from the start Sun overhead in the heat of the day The sky turns hazy; the wind dies away You wonder how you were so sure Temptation’s your teacher and failure’s your friend If there’s anything left of you in the end It’s a wonder, a miracle cure If you care, then you’ll share sorrow following in your wake It’s out there; it’s somewhere, something you just gotta shake Along about evening the stir of the wind Tousles your hair and gets you moving again You’re racing the light to the west There’s an urgency now in the reddening sun You might not have long to get something done Before you finally rest