Dave Nealon
Copyright 2004 Dave Nealon


In Dickens' Great Expectations, narrator Pip has that moment we all have--when we realize how haughty we've been toward the very people who deserve our gratitude.


Cry Copyright November 8, 2004 Dave Nealon As I walked out a restless feeling seemed to follow I should be proud, but my chest is somehow hollow And all the words I wish I’d never said Echo down the canyons in my head But they jumped out before I had a chance to stop them I just had to have my say once too often And now that I am off and on my own The memories magnify how I’m alone So I Cry. Heave a sad sigh. (or rinse out your mind) Don’t even try to dry your eyes. Like a dam break, like a hurricane, like a tidal wave, like monsoon rain Cry. Heaven knows we need never be ashamed Of our tears for they’re like desperate needed rain That falls upon the blinding dust of earth That lies upon the crust of our hard hearts (The final stanza is a near-verbatim quotation from Charles Dickens' Great Expectations.)